My Heart is Breaking…

This Lady is my Heart. She inspires me, nurtures me.

Tonight I learned that her heart is surrounded by fluid. And is filled with a tumor.

And my Heart…has just broken.

Too ‘old’ for surgery, there is nothing I can do buy Pray. Me; one whose Faith has been the size of a mustard seed for too long….I’m on my knees…Praying that She, my Beloved, is in Grace and Ease. I pray that she has little pain. I pray that she knows I Love her more than I’ve loved any creature since I was a little girl.

People say, “She’s your Baby.”

Actually, this Lilly has mothered me, nurtured me, loves me unlike anyone else.

I feel devastated.

I’m so in Love with this Beauty.

So, please Pray us Both. My Heart, along with hers, is Breaking.

My Lilly Luly LaRoo FireLamb. I’m Sadness in all is form now. I’m in Love.

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