The most divine, sacred space I can imagine

If you could squeeze inside my heart and take a peek around, it would look and feel just like this…the most divine, sacred space I can imagine. Here, I feel most loved-up, relaxed, creative, and powerful. It’s an environment that feeds me, inspires me. My hope is that you have an equally luscious place for yourself, or are creating one. If not, I hope my studio inspires you. Welcome!


Robbi Firestone is a creative force who refuses to accept labels. Her brave oil portraits capture the sitter’s physical image, his or her inner beauty, and harbor an imbedded, intuitive letter from the artist that describes, “the Beauty I See in You.” Her daily process may include writing, vision journaling, singing, or ecstatic dance.

Artist Statement

My mother died of cancer when I was three years old, provoking a survival-oriented curiosity around spirituality, world religions, and philosophies. As a portrait artist, my focus is to capture one’s inner life and the infinite mystery of an individual on his or her human journey.


Robbi donates over 3% of art sales to charity